SunSaver Super Flex - 14watt Solar Charger

With 14-Watts of solar generating power and an integrated back stand, the SunSaver Super-Flex is the ideal way to charge up your mobile phone and devices directly from the sun. Use the code SS2020 to save $10 off any individual product! Solar Charging Putting out over 2-Amps of power on a sunny day, the Super-Flex can charge up a standard smartphone in the same time it takes to charge from a typical power supply. And if you own a mobile power bank, the Super-Flex is the perfect way to turn it into your very own portable solar generator. And because power banks have such a low minimum charging current, the Power-Flex can charge them up even on cloudy and overcast days! Smart USB Output The USB output supports the charging of almost any 5V device, such as your Smartphone, Tablet, Action Camera, MP3 Player and Power Bank. An intelligent smart-chip optimises power output to match the needs of your device and with an auto-restart function, the Super-Flex knows when to resume charging after a disruption, such as a cloud. An easy to read LED power indicator light displays the strength of the solar output, allowing you to adjust the position of the solar panel to give optimal performance. 12-Volt Output Featuring a DC-5521 output means the Super-Flex can even charge your 12-Volt batteries. This means you can use it as a maintenance charger to trickle charge your vehicle batteries if you won’t be using them for a while. Weather Resistant With an ETFE laminated film coating, the solar panels are waterproof, dustproof and extremely durable, to make sure the Super-Flex can survive any of your adventures. Integrated Stand and Pouch The Super-Flex’s back stand allows you to easily position it in the best direction to get the most sunlight and the zipper pouch gives a safe place to store your charging cables or power bank. Use the code SS2020 to save $10 off any individual product!

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