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24 Sep 2021
Motivated middle-aged & Mobile workforce.

You have seen us on the road everywhere but may not understand us or know how to contact us.  We are part of a growing workforce culture shift. We are the “Motivated middle-aged motorhomers”.

So what do we look like? We are aged between 25-85 who have our own motorcaravan or camper, we are both New Zealand born and travelling working foreigner, skilled and unskilled and we have chosen to travel around New Zealand doing seasonal and short term work or work remotely.

We are a mixture of motor homers, backpackers and locals who unlike full-time workers have chosen to work in a different way. The reasons why each of us have chosen to do this lifestyle are varied but they are very important to us. We are motivated and actually want to work because working this way funds our travel, allows us to experience life now and satisfy our yearning for adventure and freedom while giving us the certainty of income. 

It is estimated that there is over 10,000 of us living & working full time on the road in their motorhomes and campervans, (we believe this number to be significantly higher) When we add travelling working backpackers into this equation you can see there is potentially a substantial workforce to tap into.

So what is important us as a workforce

First of all, the location where you are is only part of our plan, we have come from somewhere and are going to somewhere. It is more about the experience we have, than the money, but we still expect a fair days pay for a fair days work. Where we are going to park our wheels is one of our biggest considerations in taking a job. The more facilities you can offer us the more likely we are to stay, the worse you treat us the quicker we will leave. We like it when you’re organised, we like it when you value our input. We have our own word of mouth system and If you have a problem getting enough staff, it is because you have a problem. Find the problem.

With ongoing housing shortages, tiny homes trends, and first home affordability issues, the mobile home industry has been experiencing significant growth over the recent year, and this is set to continue in coming years. It has now become acceptable and more and more people are seeking this as a better way of life to reduce stress and financial pressures.

Last year the horticulture industry experienced a significant staffing shortage, not fun for any business owner. The additional stress and pressure that this creates is not fun for anyone. Consider advertising further in advance, think about what would attract these kinds of people to your business so they stay. Remember that the “Motivated, middle-aged motorhomers” need to have enough time to find out about your job, travel to your area, find a place to park and be ready for when you need them to start.

So what strategy does your business have to for the “Motivated Middleaged Motorhomers”

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