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24 Sep 2021
What apps are useful when I’m on the road?

First of all, what is an app? App is short for application. 

Here’s the dictionary meaning-


an application, especially as downloaded by a user to a mobile device.

"I've just installed the app on my phone"


Simply put, an app is a type of software that allows you to perform specific tasks. Applications for desktop or laptop computers are sometimes called desktop applications, while those for mobile devices are called mobile apps. When you open an application, it runs inside the operating system, smartphone & tablet until you close it.

That being said if you don’t have an iPad or Tablet or smart phone then this information is of no use to you.

Below are a list of some of the apps that I use and a description of what they do, at the end I will give a brief run down on how to down load  these onto you device.



So Gaspy is great app, that when you turn on the sneaky location tracker,(don’t panic you can turn this off after you located the place you need, and big brother won’t find you)it’ll find where you are, and it shows all the fuel stations around you with the prices and the brand of service station, you can even choose the main type of fuel that you require, also there is a cool function to update the price if its wrong when you get there, as we know prices go up as you turn the corner into the station.



This app is a great one for those looking for campsites, holiday parks, self contained parking and non self contained parking, accomodation, even EV charge points the list goes on, and as with the Gaspy app this works on knowing your location for best results, so you will have to turn it on again.

There is an option to download maps and look at them later, these can be viewed offline, and there are several sections of NZ to consider, just a note on that though if you don’t have much storage on your device, you may only want to download the one you need, then delete it and download the next one when you want.



This app is similar to Campermate, although you must be a member of the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association, to use it, this membership has many benefits, which I won’t go into at this point.

So the more you use this app you will see that it connects with the hard copy of the NZMCA travel directory, that you get as a member,  with reference numbers that correspond with the book, full directions on how to get there, any deals that they have on the camp ground that you may be looking at, also all the symbols e.g. pet friendly, large vehicle access, dump station etc.

And at the push of a button you can find out if there is any availability, but of course you must have your location switched on, oh yes big brother, CIA will see where you are.



In addition to Gaspy this is Z fuel stations app, pretty cool with the first thing you see is the discount/savings provided that is, if you have Fly Buys card or Airpoints card.

But the coolest of all is if you are a coffee drinker like me you can pre-order your coffee and it’ll be waiting for you, too much aye.

It’s an all round easy app to deal with, so download and enjoy.


How do you turn this location button on, glad you asked.


Firstly if you have an iPhone or iPad you follow these steps

 >go to settings.

 >scroll to the app, they are listed alphabetically.

>click on app

>click on Location

>choose the option you would like e.g. Never, While using the app, or Always.

I use the While using the app, so it will save on data and only show my location while I use it, cool aye.


Now, if you have an android ( no i don’t mean a robot )

>Go to settings,

>Click on Security and location,

>Scroll down to Privacy,

>Click on Location, at this point its up to you but probably the best option is-app level permission, which you have to go through each of the apps that are installed, and switch on or off as you desire.


How do I download apps?

Well again I’m glad you asked, as the above details would be worthless to you, if you cant or don’t know how to download any apps.

Fear not, I will try to wow you with my unbelievable ability to fluke most of these things, but in saying that once you have managed to do a couple, you’ll be a pro like me, of course if you are technologically handicapped then I may not be of any use you might need to find a 3 or 4 year old to do it as they may know more than I.


Here we go, for the person with apple iPhones and iPads most of the time there will be already installed on the phone an app with a large A and blue in colour, this is the app store in which you can search for any app you can think of, but watch out not all are free, all the ones I have talked about are, so read the details, and as long as you are in cell reception and have enough mobile data or hooked up to someones wifi you’ll have your app in a jif, once it’s loaded open it up and follow the instruction for the first time use and go for it.


Now for the android users, I’m not as familiar with these devices but the principle is the same only the names are a little different, so go to a symbol that looks like a multi coloured pyramid it’s called Play Store, click on that and up will come a menu, with things like featured apps and ones that are recommended for you, not sure how they know what I like. Type in the search bar at the top and taa daa up should come your chosen app, follow the same instructions as described above for your first set up and there you have it, your now a fully trained 21st century motor caravaner and you can train some one else.


So if you’ve read this far through my dribble, then well done and have an awesome day and safe travels. 



Please feel to ask any questions if you need more information.

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As a newbie to the NZMCA I’m thrilled to find information on how to navigate our beautiful country better. Thanks for sharing your info

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