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24 Sep 2021
Nitrogen in tyres, here's a few things you should know


Nitrogen is the non-toxic gas that is all around us and makes up 78% of the atmospheric air we breathe in daily. What I'm talking about in this blog is filling your tyres with compressed nitrogen opposed to compressed air which includes oxygen, water vapour and other gases. The benefits of nitrogen filled tyres are listed below in detail. Overall the tyres will perform better resulting in consistent pressure, less maintenance and a smoother driving car. This is a great option if you're interested in little tweaks to make the most out of your car and its potential.

  • What're the benefits?
  • Accurate tyre pressure.
  • Unaffected by temperature change.
  • Fuel savings.
  • Maintenance savings.
  • No corrosion.
  • Improved handling.

 Run down on the benefits.

  • Accurate tyre pressure-

Nitrogen filled tyres are less likely to leak through the rubber casing. This is a result of nitrogen being a larger molecule than air making it harder for it to 'squeeze' through the porous rubber. This extends the lifetime of an inflated tyre.

  • Unaffected by temperature change-

Compressed air inflated tyres can fluctuate 3 to 4 psi when the tyres heat up or cool down, whereas Nitrogen inflated tyres will remain unaffected by temperature change.

  • Fuel savings-

As a result of the above benefits, the tyre will never lose tyre pressure meaning that they're going to be more fuel efficient. A result of eliminating the friction under inflated air compressed tyres can have.

  • Maintenance savings-

With nitrogen being more stable than the compound of compressed air it helps your tyre wear a lot more evenly.

  • No corrosion-

Oxygen causes oxidation which results in rust, rot or corrosion. By taking oxygen out of the picture you eliminate the possibility of this happening in your tyre & rim assembly.

  • Improved Handling-

Finally, your car will drive smoother and handle better in the long term with the stable pressure of Nitrogen in your tyres.

  • Disadvantages-

Cost - Although this is only minor it does cost to get a shop to fill your tyres with Nitrogen. Also to continue to reap the rewards of nitrogen filled tyres you must only top-up with nitrogen. Although, luckily top-up's will be a rare need.


Nitrogen simply isn't available everywhere. It's generally restricted to specialist tyre dealers.


Nitrogen tyres are a great feature in transforming your car into the most fuel efficient, smooth driving vehicle it can be. It's definitely worth checking out if you're wanting to optimise your vehicle. At Gas & Tyre shops throughout Northland, NZ we offer great rates and deals on Nitrogen. Give us a call for more info on 0800 788 288.

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Thanks for reading.

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